Coaching Offerings

Tired of cookie-cutter programs that don’t work for you? If you want help building more mobility, strength and movement confidence chances are I have something for you.

These are all online coaching offerings. If you’re in Portland and want to work with me locally, get in touch. Take a look at the offerings below and schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Customized Six-Week Mobility Program (to do at your own pace)

The first step is a live video assessment of your body from head to toe. I assess your range and quality of movement in each one of your joints. From there I look at your ability to move in and out of basic primal positions.

After our session, I get to work on a customized six-week program for you to do at your own pace. This includes a detailed demonstration and support for you to send videos and get feedback.

Investment: $300

Intensive Live Online Coaching

This level includes a full body assessment, custom program and live ongoing video sessions to help hold you accountable and stay consistent with your movement practice. This option is best for people that want more support, and need to make more adjustments to their training based on their lifestyle and goals.

Includes eight live, one-hour sessions via Zoom with downloadable recordings.

Investment: $1,200 (payment plan available)

Your Best Shape Ever – (Done-With-You Transformation)

This is my highest level coaching program I offer. It starts with a thorough assessment of your body from head to toe, your movement history, your lifestyle, daily habits, and nutrition. From there I get to work on a total makeover of your body and lifestyle.

This level includes daily accountability via text, my private phone number, and spot coaching as needed. We will meet via weekly video sessions for six months.

You’ll also get to spend a day in Portland training with me (redeemable within one year), and access to every online program I ever create.

Investment: $3,500 (payment plan available)

The next step: book a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit

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