Four Restorative Primal Movements to Relieve Aches and Pains

Your body never evolved for the modern lifestyle. In reality, as far as your body’s concerned, it still thinks you’re hunting and gathering.

But since most of us aren’t going back to that lifeway anytime soon, the best we can do is break up our day with more movement.

These are the primal patterns I start all of my coaching clients with because they give you the most bang for your buck.

Try doing this routine to break up periods of sitting, or as a start or end to your day:

  • Reach with leg and arm to side sitting
  • Side plank to quadruped position
  • Opposite hand/foot reach from quadruped
  • Walk the hands back to squat

Repeating this cycle 3-4 times, focusing on exploration and being curious about your body will produce profound effects.

Give it a try, and share this if you think more people could benefit from primal patterns.

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