The Uncaged Ethos

e·thos: noun — the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations


What we stand for unites us as a tribe. This is what we believe in as uncaged humans.

1. We are all wild underneath the surface, no matter how long we’ve lived in boxes.

The wild in a human can never be truly domesticated. You can remove a man from the wild, but you can’t remove wildness from the man.

No matter how long we’ve been domesticated, it’s just a blip in our evolutionary history. The wild, feral animal within us is always just underneath the surface, waiting to be uncaged.

2. We stick together, no matter what.

We see the irreplaceable value in the tribe, and know that we stand stronger together than apart.

We come together not to prove who is the most badass of the tribe, but to support and challenge each other to become the greatest version of ourselves.

burning3. Wildness is never put last on our To Do lists.

It’s easy to think that we don’t have time for wildness and spending time in nature. But nature is what nurtures us.

We realize that time in the wild isn’t time wasted. We reject the industrial productivity model that says that every moment must be maximized for the sake of reaching arbitrary quotas.

Life is not simply about doing more (your worth can never be found in how many boxes you’ve checked off a list), it’s about creating freedom and adventure. And anyway, isn’t the point of being productive to have more time for what matters to us?

4. Wildness and uncaging is for all of us.

Uncaged Human isn’t just for the Bear Grylls and Steve Irwins of the world. It’s for the dads, the husbands, the cubicle dwellers and blue collar workers.

Uncaging is for the everyman, not just the captain of the football team (although you’re still welcome bro).

[bctt tweet=”You can take the man out of the wild, but you can never take the wildness out of the man.”]

5. We believe that masculinity and feminity is something to be celebrated.

We reject the notion that men are bad and women are good, or vice versa. It’s not about elevating one gender over the other.

Wild masculinity and wild femininity are both needed in the world. We celebrate our core essence, and walk with pride as men and women.


skull-ants6. We live knowing that one day will soon be our last.

By staying connected to our death, we stay rooted in our purpose in life. Remembering our mortality keeps us connected to what truly matters.

If we continually sacrifice our happiness and freedom for someday, there’s a good chance that it will never arrive.

7. We see the falsehood in acting like we don’t have feelings.

We realize that suppressing our emotions never works, and that manliness is not about not feeling anything. The inability to feel = inability to access your true power.

Yes, we need to learn to master and move beyond our emotions at certain times. We need to learn how to not be consumed by them, but feeling them fully is part of being human.

“Fuck your feelings” never really works. It just cuts us off from who we are.

We encourage those around us to feel by asking them why they do what they do, and have the goals they’ve chosen. This is one of the ways we can serve those around us to reconnect to their feelings.

8. We embrace the dark side

All of us have our shadows, those things we would most like to keep hidden or get rid of. However, in our greatest fears and wounds lie the deepest seeds of potential. By courageously confronting our darkness we can find freedom, power, and strength within them.

When we approach the shadows with a sense of curiosity and acceptance, we can break free from the fears that would otherwise run our lives.

9. We show up, even when it’s hard, even when we don’t know where we’re going.

It’s not always easy to show up for what we believe in. Sometimes following our purpose is hard. Sometimes showing up for those we love isn’t easy.

And sometimes we’d rather do nothing than simply collapse.

But as uncaged humans, we show up anyway. We show up and do what we need to do. We do the work, even when it’s hard.

Stocksy_txpb560e2eeEqs000_Small_16083110. We see life as an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved

Life isn’t merely a series of problems to be solved, but an adventure to be lived.

Wildness is our greatest vehicle for freedom and adventure. Immersed in nature we reconnect to our sense of play and the joy of being alive.

The wildness within you is calling

It’s time to opt-out of the grind-to-survive, sacrificing for freedom that never arrives.

It’s time to connect with your true nature, by reconnecting to nature.

  • Your true nature is incredible mobility and strength
  • Your true nature is wild health and prosperity
  • Your true nature is is owning and giving your purpose
  • Your true nature is freedom and adventure

This is the real, uncaged you.

So, will you join us?

Enlisting in this small band of dissenters is completely voluntary. You can opt-out at any time.

Join the tribe and learn how to:

  • Reclaim your primal strength
  • Embody your wild freedom
  • Create more adventure, freedom and community

Join the Tribe

With strength and wildness,


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