Is wildness the missing piece in your life?

Uncaged Man is about helping you reclaim the wild man just underneath the surface

I believe that wildness is the greatest vehicle for personal growth and finding out what you’re really made of as a man. Domestication has been an interesting experiment, but wildness will always be our native home.

Uncaging ourselves and connecting to our authentic masculinity is not about losing ourselves in the wild and leaving the world we know behind. It’s about creating balance between our primal nature and the chaos of civilization.

Uncaged Man is driven by the desire to help men reclaim their lost wildness, break free from the chains of domestication, and become the greatest versions of themselves. Read more about what we stand for →

So, who the hell is behind all of this?

advtur-955Reading this site, you might think the guy behind this is some wildnerness expert, or that my story is like some Jack London novel.

“Raised by wolves, Jonathan Mead has always been immersed in wildness. As a child he ran through creeks and forests like Frodo. Then one day, with shock and awe, he was exposed to civilization. Upon seeing the poor wage slaves of domestication, he decided to give it all up and save the men of quiet desperation from their perilous fates.”

Yeah, right.

I grew up in the suburbs of Idaho. As a teenager I was an unpopular outcast that dropped out in the ninth grade. As an adult I worked at mindless desk jobs as an unappreciated temp worker.

Like it or not, domestication was my home. I was taught that following the typical American Dream template led to happiness… someday.

The only problem was I had a hard time doing what I was told.

Little did I know, this would turn into my greatest superpower…

A rebel emerges from the womb

Since an early age I’ve always wanted to know why things worked. My first word, before mom or dad, was “broke” (I broke my toy trying to figure out how it worked). I’ve never really stomached accepting the answer “it’s just the way it is.”

And probably like you, the mixed messages confused the hell out of me.

I was told to I could do anything, and be whatever I wanted to be. Then, in practically the next breath told that I needed to pick and follow a safe, predictable path.

I was taught that I should do what I love and follow my dreams. And then told that I needed to earn my happiness and sacrifice my way into success.

What the hell?

Some part of me knew that there was more to life than this. My bullshit detector kept going off, even as I tried to just accept the “good job” and “nice things” that people told me I should just be grateful for.

So, I started searching. I went on a quest to figure out how I could live the best life possible, and really create my own game, on my own terms.

spirit-backgroundMy quest for the answers led me to wildness

On my quest of self-discovery I read countless personal development books. I went to workshops and did all the workbooks. I did the personality tests and the strength finder things.

Eventually I realized that I couldn’t work for someone else, and had to figure out how to do my own thing. I joked around with my friends that I was “unemployable.”

That led me to creating a blog on personal development, and later rebranding it to help people find their passion.

I thought my passion was helping people find their passion. But I realized that in the end it was a way for me to really give myself permission to follow my passions.

And the clues were all around me. I was obsessed with movement and becoming the greatest version of myself. I found that by returning to wildness and going back to the roots of how we evolved gave me a model for how to thrive as a human. The question was how to integrate that into modern living.

I also wanted to learn how to be a better man for my wife, for my family, and to give my purpose to the world. And I was desperately craving brotherhood and connection with other men in my life.

Looking back, the dots seem to connect so easily. But it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of digging, a lot of exploration, fumbling and moving through doubt to get me to the place of clarity and conviction that I have now.

My mission is to help you uncage

Uncaged Man is what I’m meant to do. It’s my mission to help as many men possible uncage and uncover the greatest versions of themselves.

But it took going through a lot of uncertainty, wondering what the fuck I was doing and questioning myself to get here.

I say all this because maybe you’re like I was. Maybe you want to uncover your purpose. Maybe you want to learn how to be the greatest version of yourself, and maybe you have a feeling that reclaiming the wildness within you is a missing piece of the puzzle.

If you’re like me, you also want brotherhood and a tribe you can call home.

I’m here to tell you that you can do this. And you can start from wherever you are.

I’m on the path with you, come walk beside me

Look, I’m not an expert or some wilderness guru. I’m just a regular guy that has decided to never give up on living the best life possible and found that wildness was what I was starving for.

This is a place for dads, cubicle dwellers, and blue collar workers. This is a place for men that are willing to do the work, to get their hands dirty.

If you want more wildness in your life, and a tribe to push you to becoming a better man, this place is built you.

Pull up a squat, get settled in and join us. We’ve been waiting for you.

Join the Tribe

I’ll see you on the path,


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