Uncaged Human’s mission is to help you reconnect with the strong, adaptable, wild, you (even in the midst of domesticated living)

Human domestication (domestic: belonging to the house) has been an interesting experiment, but wildness will always be our native home.

The challenge in our times is that our biology is out of sync with our modern lifestyle and environment. There’s an evolutionary mismatch.

We no longer have to move to live. Instead of using our bodies to squat and crawl to pluck food from the ground, we sit still in temperature controlled boxes on our way to fill our bodies with industrially grown food.

Our quest for comfort, convenience, and control over nature has left us safer and more satiated, but malnourished and weaker.

My personal quest has been to figure out how I can support my primal DNA while living as wild life as possible in the city. My goal has never been to live full-time in the wild, away from civilization. Rather than ostracize myself from my friends and family, I want to live as wild a life as possible, even in the midst of domesticated, urban living.

I’ve learned how to take control of my environment and make my apartment more movement friendly and stimulating. I’ve rehabbed my gut through ancestral health practices like bone broth, intermittent fasting, and wild mushroom herbalism. I’ve learned how to create movement practices that help me stay flexible, mobile and strong even while working with modern technology, and living in a culture of sitting.

But I’m still very much on this journey myself. It’s an endless quest to find my roots as a primal human, and reconnect with my true nature.

If you’re interested in reclaiming your wild strength, then you’ll be right at home here. I hope I can help you in some way along your path, wherever you might be starting from.

You can start by checking out a few of my most popular tutorials and videos:

So, who the hell is behind all of this?

Reading this site, you might think the guy behind this is some wildnerness expert, or that my story is like some Jack London novel.

“Raised by wolves, Jonathan Mead has always been immersed in wildness. As a child, he ran through creeks and forests like Frodo Baggins until one day, with shock and awe, he stumbled upon a strange sight of suit wearing zombies. Upon seeing the poor slaves he decided to give it all up and save them from their perilous fates.”

Yeah, right.

I grew up in the suburbs Boise, Idaho. As a teenager, I was an outcast that dropped out in 9th grade. (Instead of high school, I went to college and took classes I was actually interested in). As an adult I stumbled from one mindless desk job to the next.

After years of struggling at dead end jobs, I eventually found my escape by building a blog on personal development for unconventional people. That was one important step in the breaking free process, but my body and health still suffered.

Movement, health and becoming the greatest version of myself has always been something that’s fascinated me. I explored everything from raw veganism to Jeet Kune Do. But it wasn’t until I discovered the Paleo diet and fitness did I feel like I found something that really made sense to me.

Since then, I’ve done and explored a lot, but am very much still learning how to become the best version of myself. Rewilding myself seems like the only template that fits.

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