Ready to ditch aches and pains and build a body capable of anything?

Let's get back to the foundations.

Feel like you've tried everything but are still stuck?

Maybe you're like my client Alessia, who knew what she needed to do, but struggled to follow through and stay consistent. After three months of working together, we helped her fix her lower back pain, reclaim her ability to lift and carry, and developed a rock-solid exercise practice.

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You Were Born For More than Mindlessly Performing Sets and Reps That Leave You Bored and Stiff

Fitness is a modern compensation for the fact that we're not living in a way aligned with our DNA. Because we're not hunting and gathering, we try to compensate with gym routines and 30 minutes of movement here and there.

It's not enough. And we can do better.

By integrating more movement into your life, and learning how to undo the damage of sitting and sedentary living, we can reclaim our naturally strong, capable, resilient bodies.

But not too long ago, I was just like you, struggling to find purpose and meaning in fitness. I felt like the standard template didn't really work for me, but I didn't know what to do instead.

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“I'm now able to hold a deep squat for the first time ever and have built a consistent movement practice. Both achievements are helping me renovate my future home: I can now lift and carry with good posture and without fear.”

—Alessia Maggi

Ready to build a more capable body?

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