I Want to Help You Learn How to Thrive as a Primal Human Living in the Modern World

Wildness is the Path to Unlocking Your Greatest Self

I believe that wildness is something we can never really lose, no matter how domesticated we become.

Modern life has disconnected from everything that makes us human. Chained to the cubicles and screens we've lost sight of what truly makes us thrive.

Uncaging ourselves and connecting to our true nature is not about losing ourselves in the wild and leaving the world we know behind. It’s about creating balance between our primal nature and the chaos of civilization.

Uncaged Human is driven by the desire to help you reclaim you lost wildness, break free from the chains of domestication, and become the greatest version of yourself possible.

“With the knowledge and dependability working with Jonathan my motivation has never been higher. I've now tapped back into my primal state of mind, and have seen that through hard work and perseverance any change is possible.”

—Orlando Maldonado

Begin Your Path to Uncaging

Hey, I’m Jonathan. For years I felt trapped by dead-end jobs and sacrificing my freedom for "someday."

Waking up with dread about my work, and forcing myself through boring gym routines was my daily existence. That's just "the way it is," I was told.

But somehow, I could never fully believe that. I was convinced that there was greatness within me, waiting to be unleashed.

Eventually I found that wildness was the missing link I was looking for all those years.

This is the story of how I uncaged...

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