Mainstream fitness is broken

Moving the way your body evolved is the path back to freedom, strength and longevity

You Were Born For More Than Zombie Gym Workouts

Modern life has made us disconnected from everything that makes us human. Chained to the cubicles and screens we've lost sight of what truly makes us thrive.

Uncaging ourselves and connecting to our true nature is about reawakening our primal DNA, something we can never truly lose. It's about integrating more movement into our daily routines, even though we've outsourced them from our highly artificial lives.

I want to help you (re)learn how to crawl, squat, climb, and become fit more than just a gym.

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“With the knowledge and dependability working with Jonathan my motivation has never been higher. I've now tapped back into my primal state of mind, and have seen that through hard work and perseverance any change is possible.”

—Orlando Maldonado

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